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Help! I am looking someone. Do you know them?

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12/16/04 02:26 pm - blessedprincess - I used to live in a speck of the spot in California

Yuba City people
I am looking for a girl named Karee Marie Compton or the last name could be James.

Also a girl names Melody Z. (she has a screwed up last name I can't spell) but she goes by the nickname of Kittie. Thanks.

10/28/04 12:55 pm - motherphoenix

Looking for the following people to touch base in the Michigan area:

Holly Zalis
Kathy Nash (Lucas? something else?)
Donald Berzley
Gabriel Hatfield
Ted Salingue

I doubt any of the above will find this, but ya never know :)
If you do, comment!!! Would love to talk to you again :)

8/31/04 05:38 pm - jcabernrn

Hey everybody! I created this community because I have lost touch with some of my old friends and I figured that maybe some other people may be looking to people too. Good luck to all!

I am looking for my friend. We went to 7th and 8th grade together in Arizona then we went to High School together in Az until she moved to California. I since moved several times and got married. Her name was Amanda Masek. I used to call her Camanda. If anyone knows her please help. THANKS!
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